KDBUILDMART  product starts with NUVOCO and its own bricks factory:-

Nuvoco cements are among the foremost in the industry. Concreto, Duraguard Microfiber are some of the most premium products available today. With a legacy of innovation from our Laboratory, Nuvoco strives to bring you the best in construction materials

What makes us stand out ? Our variants have an edge over others with
– innovations from our world class experts
– best BIS standards rating, and
– best raw materials available gives our products a premium quality

Duraguard RapidX Cement sets quick and provides unmatched strength and safety to structures. It is a unique OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) which exhibits quicker setting properties while keepi…


Zero M Acrylic Power is a product that aims to add value to every construction with the central motto of preparing moisture resistant homes that are long-lasting and are empowered to withstand hars…

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A versatile and premium slag cement with five distinct advantages; Concreto is one of the best cement brands available in the Indian market. Its specifications exceed all BIS standards with both, i…

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Zero M Latex Expert shields the interior and exterior walls of your home from severe moisture damage by acting as an expert waterproofing compound for the concrete mix, thereby imparting longevity …

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Our Other Range Of Products

ZERO M Poly Rich Wall Putty



Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty from Nuvoco, provides a smooth finish on the surfaces of walls, prevents cracks, flakes, peels, and dampness – on both interior and exterior walls – that occurs due to changes in the weather. Poly Rich Wall Putty provides extensive, superior coverage and saves the walls. Its high water repelling characteristic prevents dampness and formation of discolored patches, year after year.

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PSC is a high performance, blended Portland Slag Cement that is known for its strength, shine and smooth finish. It is made with slag produced from the Jojobera plant of one of the world’s foremost…

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Duraguard Microfiber is a newly launched, next-generation cement; comprising fibre technology, which results in structures with high strength, damp resistance and minimal cracks. It is a PPC var…

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