Duraguard Rapid X

Duraguard RapidX Cement sets quick and provides unmatched strength and safety to structures.

  • It is a unique OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) which exhibits quicker setting properties while keeping DURABILITY intact.
  • It is produced through a state of the art technology from selected mix of superior grade lime stone
  • It makes construction faster irrespective of the design mix.


Duraguard RapidX is suitable for practically all types of RCC works like,

  • Residential buildings
  • Multi-storeyed buildings
  • Roofing and all types of plasters
  • Critical tunneling, landslide jacketing/guniting.
  • Higher grades of concrete to suit special requirements.
  • Emergency concrete works
  • Emergency repair works
  • Prestressed concrete


What makes DG RapidX different are:

  • Superior quality of cement with high consistency which is required for any good construction
  • The Limestone used goes through a stringent quality check to match the cement quality and arrive at the perfect blend of materials
  • Superior compressive strength ensures economy in any cement mix

The main benefits of DG RapidX are:

  • Higher rate of Strength Gaining
  • Reduction in Construction Cycle Time
  • Better Workability
  • Overall Economy
  • Optimally managed Heat of Hydration