It is a PPC variant with a difference, It has the features of Duraguard enhanced with a unique Microfibre technology, which is a distinct differentiator.

Fiber is widely used for strengthening weaker materials. There are many day to day examples, starting from the crash helmets, particle boards, bath tubs, asbestos sheets, translucent plain and corrugated sheets, partition boards, plastic furniture’s etc.

The presence of microfibers act as micro reinforcing agent in cement and reduce the development of micro cracks with in the concrete / mortar / neat cement matrix.This results in

  • Surfaces with considerably lesser cracks.
  • Improves strength.
  • Makes surfaces smoother.
  • Reduced water percolation due to surfaces with lesser cracks – the pathway for percolation.
  • Renders structure more durable and maintenance free.


It is perfectly suited for a plethora of construction jobs all around the structure. Whether it is building foundation or plastering or roof casting Duraguard Microfiber ensures your construction enjoys a high quality output.


  • Makes concrete impenetrable
  • Prevents iron rods from rusting
  • Provides strong compact cement particles
  • Reduces inter-granular space with Microfibre Technology