Zero M Latex Expert shields the interior and exterior walls of your home from severe moisture damage by acting as an expert waterproofing compound for the concrete mix, thereby imparting longevity to the construction and reducing shrinkage and cracking of the mix.


Zero M Latex Expert is a multipurpose product that acts as the compound that improves new-to-old concrete/plaster bonding and strength characteristics, repair spalled mortar or concrete in damaged structures, provides durability, can be used to repair mortar, render, repair plaster or crack repair plaster.


Zero M Latex Expert is Styrene Butadiene co-polymer latex with high dispersive properties that gauges water as required in the concrete mix, thereby improving mortar or concrete qualities and acting as a protective covering for homes against water damage, especially in the tropical countries with heavy monsoons.

Surface Preparation for Easy Application

  • Clean surface area with wire brush / scrubber to remove laitance and grit
  • Repair the concrete spalled portion by suitable mechanical means
  • Expose corroded rebars in the repairing areas and remove deposits
  • Prime reinforced steel with bonding agent immediately after cleaning
  • Pre-wet the surface to be repaired before application